Empowering and Connecting Leaders to Tackle Georgia’s Environmental Challenges

Empowering and Connecting Leaders to Tackle Georgia’s Environmental Challenges

Empowering and Connecting Leaders to Tackle Georgia’s Environmental Challenges

A Network of Knowledgeable, Skilled Leaders

Georgia’s environmental challenges require leaders from every sector who engage knowledgably – and with trust. IGEL gathers passionate people from industry, government, advocacy, academia, community – and beyond – to participate in world-class leadership development, expert environmental education, and candid, empathetic dialogue about environmental challenges. IGEL’s rigorous immersive educational experiences help equip Georgia leaders with the environmental knowledge, perspectives, and relationships they need to lead our state for decades come.

Our Program

Diverse Leaders with a Common Goal

Our core experiential, educational training program brings together a group of about 30 leaders from across the state for five, three-day experiences across the course of a year. The intense, hands-on learning and dialogue taps into leading experts to explore complex environmental issues. This is no conference room experience – it’s an up-close, first-hand exploration that affords leaders new perspectives and relationships.

600+ Leaders

More than 600 environmental leaders from academia, industry, government, and civic organizations have graduated from the IGEL program and are working together to create a brighter, cleaner future for our state.

70+ Counties

Our leaders come from all over the state to bring diverse perspectives.

20+ Years

Since its founding in 2001, IGEL has been providing leaders with the knowledge, advanced skills and network to help resolve Georgia’s environmental challenges.

Support IGEL

Help Create and Sustain Future Leaders

IGEL has added incalculable value for Georgia. Facing even greater environmental challenges, IGEL will further deliver on IGEL’s mission by more proactively and consistently engaging the network.The core leadership development program and new engagement of the network is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporate donors committed to developing diverse, purpose-driven leaders.

Help develop diverse, purpose driven leaders

Make an investment in Georgia’s greatest asset – people.

Big Thinking from Across the State

In just over two decades, more than 600 leaders have completed the core IGEL program. A growing group of individuals, corporations, and foundations are building this diverse network of leaders addressing Georgia’s environmental challenges. IGEL and its supporters have created a connective collective – experts who are driven by a common passion and powered by a range of experiences and perspectives.


IGEL develops and cultivates a group of diverse leaders who make a positive impact throughout the state of Georgia in the areas of environmental and sustainability spaces.

— Gwen Ruff
IGEL ’15 Senior Vice President, Columbus Water Works

IGEL equips leaders in Georgia today to address the natural resource challenges of tomorrow.

— Mark Masters
IGEL ’14 Director, Georgia Water Planning and Policy Center at Albany State University