Program Details

IGEL’s program is a hands-on experience that spans nine months and will take you to five different locales around Georgia. The program focuses on providing leaders with the deep knowledge, advanced skills, and expansive network needed to address Georgia’s environmental challenges now and in the future.

Participants are proven leaders who represent Georgia’s economic, ethnic, geographic, and institutional diversity. It’s essential to represent a wide range of professions, interests, political perspectives, and experiences.

Go beyond the conference room

IGEL takes you beyond the conference room to experience how environmental policies and decisions make a demonstrable impact on our natural resources, our communities, our organizations, and our people in every part of Georgia. As you ride with a farmer through fertile fields, sail through coastal waters, or tour expanding road networks, you’ll gain new understanding of crucial issues and talk with fellow stakeholders about how they’ve handled environmental challenges.

Five Multi-Day Sessions Over Nine Months

IGEL’s core program includes five multi-day sessions that take place in different parts of the state. Each session is designed to educate participants on different environmental challenges and opportunities, with a combination of classroom discussion and hands-on, experiential learning.


Session One

May 14-17, 2024


Session Two

July 16-19, 2024


Session Three

Sept 17-20, 2024


Session Four

Nov 5-8, 2024


Session Five

Jan 14-17, 2025

Tuition fee covers instruction, course materials, lodging, and meals.

IGEL recognizes that many strong candidates—particularly civic and community leaders—are unable to secure the full amount of tuition…

The Selections committee is delighted to offer a limited number of needs-based partial and full scholarship opportunities to accepted applicants. These scholarships, made possible through generous corporate, foundation and individual gifts, help enhance the diversity of participants in our program. In the past, we have awarded scholarships for specific designations, including

  • A selected candidate involved in the forestry industry.
  • A selected diverse candidate working in the built environment space
  • Selected candidates from Southwest Georgia
  • Additionally, the Cox Conserves Community Environmental Leader Scholarship provides full tuition for an employee or member of a nonprofit organization, public agency, government office, or school that is helping to meet a real community need.

Additional partial scholarships are also available, usually for up to 50% of the tuition amount. Awards are based upon need and take into account both the resources of the selected applicant and their organization.

Selecting the Ideal Class

Each IGEL class consists of 30-35 participants from a wide range of professions, interests, political viewpoints, and experiences. All participants are evaluated and selected through a rigorous application process, with many applicants having to apply multiple times before being admitted.

Participants are required to attend all five sessions of the IGEL program.

  • Class of 2024 session dates:
    • Session 1: Tuesday, May 14 – Friday, May 17
    • Session 2: Tuesday July 16 – Friday, July 19
    • Session 3: Tuesday, September 17 – Friday, September 20
    • Session 4: Tuesday, November 5 – Friday, November 8
    • Session 5: Tuesday, January 14 – Friday, January 17, 2025
Interested in joining the next class? Some key milestones to keep in mind:
  • August 15: IGEL application process opens
  • October 15: Application period ends
  • Mid-November: Members of the next IGEL class notified by email and written letter (Read the cancellation policy)

The 2024 application period is closed. Join our prospect mailing list for information about the next application process and be part of the change Georgia needs.