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Why Support IGEL

Creating and Sustaining a Network of Knowledgeable, Skilled Leaders

For more than 20 years, IGEL has convened annual cohorts of environmental leaders for robust dialogue and immersive experiences for multiple days in each of a handful of locations across Georgia. IGEL creates opportunity to build trust among industry, advocacy, regulatory, community, and other stakeholders – delivering incalculable value for Georgia. In the coming years IGEL will more proactively engage the network of more than 600 leaders who have completed the core leadership program.

Corporate and Foundation Partners

Foundations and Corporations that recognize the value to Georgia of an educated, engaged network of environmental leaders are the backbone of IGEL’s philanthropic support. They provide crucial financial support for IGEL’s programs and scholarships, recognizing that no other organization in Georgia plays this critical role. IGEL will deliver more value for their investments as we more proactively engage the network.

The IGEL Network

IGELians are passionate about IGEL. Many speak of the transformative impact the core leadership program had on their careers and lives. Others point to the relationships they maintain from their class year. And some describe shared experiences with IGELians, even from other class years, that facilitate better environmental outcomes for Georgia. Recognizing this value to them as individuals – and to Georgia – as many as 70% of IGELians support the annual campaign to ensure that future leaders will share in the opportunity.

How to Support IGEL

By Mail

Checks can be made payable to IGEL, Inc. and can be mailed to:

IGEL, Inc.
P.O. Box 18841
Atlanta, GA 31126


Our goal, with your help, is to create and sustain a network of knowledgeable, skilled leaders who will work together to overcome state and regional environmental issues and preserve natural resources for future generations.