Lead Facilitator

IGEL Position Announcement​

We are seeking a Lead Facilitator for a leadership program in environmental issues in Georgia. The successful applicant will have excellent skills in verbal and written communication, organization, emotional intelligence, leadership development, education and facilitation. The incumbent will be the lead facilitator for engagement sessions across the state of Georgia and for the overall program. They will work in close collaboration with an organization/logistics coordinator and the IGEL Board.

This work will include preparation of materials, locating presenters, planning for the facilitation of the session and participation as a facilitator. Successful applicants will be expected to be available for all the days of the session on which they are working, the pre-trip before the session, and the time necessary to provide support for preparation. In addition, they will be asked to provide leadership development and coaching to participants as part of their support for the program.

The Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership is an experiential program dedicated to building and sustaining a diverse network of environmentally educated leaders in the state of Georgia. It provides these leaders with the advanced skills, knowledge and network necessary to resolve Georgia’s environmental challenges now and in the future. The program has grown to be one of most influential and well-regarded leadership programs in the state. The IGEL program creates opportunities for leadership development in the context of environmental issues and problem solving. Each year a diverse class of about 30 individuals is selected. The class typically includes representatives from industry, consulting, non-profits, and government. There are now over 600 alumni who collaborate and connect to advance environmental problem solving. More information is available at www.igeleaders.org.

The IGEL program is an activity of the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The IGEL Board of Directors is issuing this request for proposal.

IGEL Sessions

The IGEL program is structured around five sessions over the course of nine months held in different parts of the state. In 2023, the initial session, held in May and located in the North Georgia mountains, introduced the participants to the program, focused on leadership skill development and provided an introduction to biodiversity in North Georgia. Session 2, held in July in Southwest Georgia, concentrated on water supply and agricultural issues. In Columbus, during Session 3, the program raised land use decisions and choices regarding consumptive land practices and the use of historic buildings and natural resources, as well as additional leadership lessons.  Session 4, located on Sapelo Island, gave participants the opportunity to explore coastal issues as well as the socio- economic challenges of the community on this island. Session 5 at Serenbe focused on regenerative business practices and topics such as climate change, air quality and energy. Each of these sessions (except Session 1) is preceded by a “pre-trip” in which the participants are exposed to an activity that further informs the issues to be discussed. Similar locations are expected in 2024.  The dates for the 2024 sessions are:

  • Session 1:  Tuesday, May 14 – Friday, May 17
  • Session 2: Tuesday July 16 – Friday, July 19
  • Session 3:   Tuesday, September 17 – Friday, September 20
  • Session 4:  Tuesday, November 5 – Friday, November 8
  • Session 5:  Tuesday, January 14 – Friday, January 17, 2025

This will be a year of transition for IGEL. Our lead facilitator is stepping away from the lead role, though she will remain a resource and involved in helping to teach and facilitate sessions. The IGEL Board of Directors is putting out this position announcement to recruit qualified, motivated candidates able to work with current facilitators during the IGEL Class of 2024 and transition into a lead facilitator role in 2025.

The continuity and quality of the program is of utmost importance to the Board, therefore, we are seeking individuals who are willing to work with our current lead and Board representatives during the 2024 class to provide continuing excellent experiences and assist with thinking through the ongoing model as our current lead facilitator adjusts to her new role. Flexibility and creativity are of great importance. We want the selected applicant to approach this position with creativity and a willingness to bring their unique talents to bear as we continue the current, and build the future, facilitation process.


Please email all questions about this RFP to Mark Masters Indications of interest should include:

  • A letter of interest explaining your background, why you are interested in the position, and your experience working with groups of high-level leaders representing diverse perspectives and Provide examples of the groups/people with which you have worked.
  • A Curriculum Vitae with 3 references.
  • State whether you are willing to participate in less sessions than you are proposing. The structure of the project and IGEL’s budget may limit the size and participation of the facilitation participation team.

Please provide the following information about your rates:

  • Propose a flat fee for participation in an IGEL session(s) including the pre-trip. Note: There is no pre-trip for Session
  • Propose an hourly rate for work on preparation for a session and for partial participation in a


Applicant Eligibility

Individuals having the appropriate experience and specific expertise necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities outlined in the RFP are eligible. Although not required, previous participation in an IGEL class is considered important by the Board.


Proposal Evaluation Criteria

General: Award will be made to the reasonable applicant(s), whose offer conforming to this RFP is considered most advantageous to the IGEL program, considering the Evaluation Criteria in this Section. Neither the lowest priced nor the highest scoring proposal will necessarily be selected. IGEL reserves full discretion to determine the competence of the applicants to meet the needs of this transition process.

IGEL reserves the right to:

  • Select for a contract or for negotiations a proposal other than the one with the lowest costs.
  • Reject any and all proposals or portions of proposals received in response to this RFP or to make no award or issue a new
  • Waive or modify any information, irregularity, or inconsistency in proposals
  • Request modification to proposals from any or all applicants during the contract review and
  • Negotiate any aspect of the proposal with any applicant and negotiate with more than one applicant at the same


The Evaluation Criteria considered are:

  • Relevant Past and Present Performance Criteria: Assessment of the applicant’s past and present experience will be evaluated relative to the capability to meet the scope of work to be In particular, applicants should demonstrate experience in the development of programs and strategic initiatives, excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), experience working with a nonprofit Board, as well as some experience in environmental programs
  • References: References will be checked and evaluated for performance and fit with the IGEL program.
  • Budget: The rate proposed to appropriately plan for and carryout the IGEL facilitator services will be Budget is a consideration, but not the only deciding factor.
Other Information

Interviews: Applicants may be invited to an interview with the IGEL Board Chair and other organization leaders. Selected individuals will be contacted regarding time and location of an interview.

Compliance with Requirements: Applicants responding to this RFP must follow its procedures and requirements. Failure to comply with or complete any part of this RFP may result in rejection of your proposal.

Proposal Withdrawal: Any proposal may be withdrawn at any time before the “Proposal Due” date and time by providing a written request for the withdrawal to Mark Masters at Withdrawal of a proposal will not preclude the applicant from submitting a new proposal.

Ownership of Documents: Any material submitted by an applicant shall become the property of IGEL.